To Write or Not to Write – that is the question

This afternoon I took a bus out of the Mirador neighborhood where I teach on Saturdays and I was cruising down Lazero Cardenas and passed by the Independencia barrio on the south side of the Loma Larga hill. This area plays a big part in my novel ´LOBO.¨ Right them in came to me …. WOW. The entire plot to a sequel … like a Godsend. It just popped into my head. Villans. Scenes. A great ending. Theme. Conflicts. Just there for the taking.

Anyone who has followed my blog might notice that the frequency of posts has dropped off to almost NONE! I´ve been less than impressed with the state of Indie writing of late and really haven´t been focusing at all on my craft. Actually, my other love – Delta Blues guitar has been getting all my attention. Got my chops back and have been learning a bunch of new songs.

So should I invest a few thousand hours to write a novel that maybe no one will read? Well the jury is still out on that one … let me sleep on it a bit.

In the meantime I got home and found a notification in my email that my first book, ´A Rose by Any Other Name´ had recieved a new review. This book is a little memoir I wrote and which I am sometimes a bit embarassed by.

Here´s the Review.

‘We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment’, May 6, 2017
By Grady Harp

This review is from: A Rose by Any Other Name: Life Lessons from an Unremarkable Dog (Kindle Edition)
The title for this review is from George Eliot and speaks directly to the message this book. Author David Gordon Burke is a Canadian Ex-Pat who lives in Mexico and has focused his skilled writing abilities on dogs: he obviously is passionate about canines. Not that that is his only concern. He also writes tutorials on any subject in which he has expertise. Ingles al Poder de Tres is an ongoing language system for Spanish speakers who wish to master English. And his culinary arts surfaced in his t book about Mexican cookery.

What David manages to accomplish in this collection of stories and news reports about the condition of the life of dogs is both observation, autobiography, and simply warm reading enter entertainments. The brief synopsis provides enough encouragement for the reader to explore the pages quietly and with compassion. ‘“A Rose by Any Other Name – Life Lessons from an Unremarkable Dog” isn’t just another one of those dog books with a sad ending. It’s a book full of dog stories that follows the exploits of a typical household and the wide range of dog breeds that came to be part of the family. It highlights the joys and sorrows of sharing a dog’s life. This touching memoir tells the story of the dogs that influenced the author’s formative years, his dog-less years and his adoption of ‘Duchess Desert Rose’ – a half Lab, half Shepherd mix. ‘Rose’ is a story with a wide range – from the shores of the St. Lawrence River to the Mountains of Northern Mexico. Part autobiography, part dog training and dog care manual and part social commentary, “A Rose by Any Other Name” is pure entertainment.’

David is an animal activist and struggles with animal rights and protection. Fine writing, here, but all the stories are excellent. This little sampler encourages the reader to advance to David’s two novels – again about dogs. He is making a name for canine stories and those who love them.

Damn!  How does one live up to that kind of hype?

Have to give some very serious thought to that sequel.

David Gordon Burke
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