Creativity in the Trump Era

I am predicting a decline in all things creative for the very near future.
The Donald Trump influence is here and it is here to stay.

The US of A is divided down some very scary lines – formost, if you disagree with our side, you must be the enemy.  (which applies equally to right and left)

I am not a fan of the new US president although I do agree with some of his policies / beliefs.  I am a staunch socialist … at least that is how I define myself.  As a Canadian I have always voted against the Right.  As a Mexican as well.

But over the years the left has lost their damn minds as well.  Social Justice Warriors and Political Correctedness and a million people lobbying for their causes.

All of this has led to the rise of the DONALD.

And sadly, I think that all creativity is going to take a hit.

How are you going to write a novel of any significance if half the people are going to reject you premise from the befinning?

Take for example `The Kite Runner` by Khaled Hosseini.  How would that book, first published in 2003 fare in today`s political climate?  Of course it would probably do well in the international market but what about in the US?  Is there any sympathy left for the plight of the immigrant?  What about the Afghani Muslim immigrant?

I suppose there might be some fun in it for the Right Winger when the protagonist gets revenge on the Taliban general towards the end of the novel.

What about in my personal case?  I write novels about Mexico.  As we know, Mexico is just one step up from the Middle east on the Right Winger`s agenda of WORLD EVILS.  I am of the belief that the word Mexican has now all the vile conotation as the ´N´ word.

I once even had a reviewer get uppity with a Mexican character in one of my short stories because said character expressed anti-US feelings.  So not only must the world be on the side of the US, but also fictional characters must never ever be anything other than pro.  Nuke `em Uncle Sam and pass the tacos.  WOW!  Leaves little room for character developement when you have to be constantly worried about what your potential US audience is going to think.

So if I`m not going to invest my time in writing stories no on will read, maybe I`ll get back to playing guitar.  Guess what?  A big number of the Blues Guitar  Facebook communities I was a member of have been invaded by Redneck, Racist, NRA supporting freaks with no respect for the (Black) history of the music they claim to love.

I give up.

If you want to get in touch, I´ll be contemplating life from the peak of the third mountain to the left.

David Gordon Burke
Find my books here.


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