Social Network Language Hell

It seems like forever since I wrote a blog post.  Lately I´ve been feeling much more than let down with both my book sales and the whole indie author self publishing scene.  I´ve been feeling let down by human nature all around.  I guess I just wasn`t cut out for the world of memes and false platitudes and the like.  If given half a chance I`d gladly push the button to the global Magnetic Pulse bomb that would obliterate the internet, render hand held devices, computers, cell phones and the like obsolete and as a happy coincidence, erase the Zeros and Ones in some computer somewhere that represent the crushing credit card debt I´m living under.  Oh well, no chance there but it´s nice to dream.

Book sales aside, (I´ve talked about that theme ad nauseam on previous posts) I´m over the whole debate the issues via internet and facebook thing.  The internet may be the invention that has pushed human interaction back to the dark ages.  We may as well be slinging rocks or sending smoke signals when it comes to communication.

Why?  Because most people are too lazy to write out a full sentence or express themselves logically and concisely.  It may be the medium.  After all, if you are texting on your cell phone between bus stops using both thumbs, you probably believe that your short sentence gets your point across.  It doesn´t.

Language is a colorful thing and can be interpreted many ways.

Then there are the habits we have developed over the last decade where debate and communication are concerned.  Who hasn`t gotten into a rip roaring throw down fight with some internet troll?  Someone who has no idea what the issues are, no ability to express anythhing other than their own martyr perspective without seeing anyone else`s point of view?  Has anyone ever felt they have convinced ANOTHER LIVING SOUL OF JUST 1% OF THEIR VIEWPOINT?  Clearly, the answer is no.

But we have grown accustomed to flaming a rival in the most virulent of terms.  Just this week in two relatively peaceful and civil conversations I was told to keep my mouth shut and not to speak through my hat.  The former from someone who I have known since grade school and the latter from someone I had never met.  In both cases I had simply given an opposing viewpoint of the material in a video or meme on facebook.

Then there are the majority of people who don´t understand what an absolute is.  An absolute is more than a generalization.  It is when you use black and whte language that cannot be disputed, is 100% – words like, ALL, ALWAYS, EVERY, NEVER, NONE, NO etc. These words leave no room for the slightest misrepresentation or interpretation.

So here´s a meme that burned my butt.

I take issue with the word MOST.  Most means a massive majority.  I´d say 75% or more.
I also disagree with HATE.  There is no reason in this world that people of any color cannot disagree with Obama´s policies without hatred and race being part of the issue.  It`s politics.  But NO.  The race card gets played.

So somewhere between all this loss of communication and the continuing reliance on the internet for almost everything we do, we lose.  Words lose their meanings.  The get shortened.  Idiomatic phrases get misused.  Euphamisms become the norm.  And the language gets watered down.  No one is communicating anymore.

I recently met someone and I really cannot figure out what happened but somewhere between the language and the physchology, we were completely unable to communicate.  Even when I agreed with the guy, it still felt that we were at odds.  I chalk this up in part to the fact that he was an asshole, and in part to the age we live in.  Language.  Meaning.  It´s all getting washed away.

And in the middle of all this – I try to write novels that transport people to a world of my creating.  It´s getting harder every day.

David Gordon Burke

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