Sales Slump – Enthusiasm Test

It’s been a while since my last blog post.  Mainly, I have been diverted by tons of personal issues combined with a horrific slump in sales of my books.  December and January were brutal.  I might have sold one book each.  This is were your passion for writing is truly tested.  And I have to admit, I didn’t really stand up to the test with determination.  I was devastated.

But I wonder how many of Amazon’s Indie writers actually do well in those months.  An Ebook is hardly the sexy gift one is expecting to see on Christmas morning.  “Oh, I got you an Ebook – just turn on your Kindle.”  Not exactly the stuff of which Christmas cheer is made.

Thankfully, February has been much better and I saw sales and page reads via the KU-KOLL system at Amazon.  So that has reset my determination.

But there are many other benefits from writing and self publishing.  One is credibility.  In the non-fiction world, a book on Amazon gives you a certain ‘leg up’ on the competition.  This has come in as a great help this week since I am doing the rounds once again to find work as an English teacher.  I doesn’t hurt that I have published seven different books on the subject.


Another great thing is the networking.  My books have been the focal point of some new friendships.  I have a mutual twitter follower who is establishing a non-profit organization in India – Varun Aswasthi  … He reached out to me for advice on both how to build his organization and his twitter following.  So aside from writing entertaining books (I hope) about dogs, I get the satisfaction of lending a hand.  



So the moral of today’s post – even if your books aren’t selling, there’s still a reason to keep going.  And that next book may just be the one to put you over the top.

Good luck and keep writing.

David Gordon Burke
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