Twitter Applies New Policies – I told you so

Just a week ago I posted my prediction about the inevitable changes Twitter was sure to implement.

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It turns out I was right.  They have greatly reduced the effectiveness of Tweepi and other third party programs for building a following.  I am not sure why Twitter has made these changes.  If you read their user agreement and policies you cannot help but be blown away by the hypocrisy.  They state within their rules “Remember, Twitter isn’t a race to get the most followers.”  Ok, who the hell are they fooling?  I mean really, I live in Mexico so I am used to having authorities lie straight-faced to me.  I can see through it.

The obvious advantage to using twitter is exactly in the fact that it is possible to obtain a HUGE following.  Why else do people strive for these large numbers?   Are we to believe that some plumbing supply company in Komomo, Indiana just happens to have 753,000 followers due to their witty tweets and the value of their content?  Yeah, right!

You can still use tweepi to see what other accounts are up to and it’s clear to the trained eye which accounts have either bought followers or have worked the system.  75,000 followers and they have tweeted 121 times?  Something smells wrong with that account.  27,000 followers and the majority have unknown/never tweeted status?  Just a guess but MAYBE these aren’t real followers and only exist to pump up the account’s credibility?  Just a thought.

It appears that between the Tweepi and Unfollowers sites and apps that the limits for following and unfollowing have been cut in half.

So where does that leave people who are actively trying to increase their following?  Well, in a difficult position.

You are going to have to follow a lot more selectively.  This means looking more closely at the person’s follow ratio, how often they tweet and how many followers they have.

iOS 5 Twitter Hole

You are going to have to be concerned in giving a lot more value added content to gain followers.

You need to be very careful to not CHURN (following and unfollowing excessive numbers)  Twitter frowns on this practice and can block or suspend your account.

You need to engage your followers a lot more in order to get the most from the followers you already have … sales and cross-followers.

Finally, I hope you have been working the system before now to build your following because it just got a lot harder.  As my mother used to say, “I told you so!” 

Good luck with that!


David Gordon Burke
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