Guide for Getting Reviews – A New Review

How do you get someone to review your book?  Anyone publishing on Amazon knows that book reviews are an essential part of getting your book into readers hands and getting sales.  Here is my advice.  This is by no means a complete methodology which should be clear since I have only managed to get a total of 32 reviews on my 11 titles on the Amazon Dot Com site.  I have a few others scattered across the other various Amazon subsiduaries.

The hardest and worst source is likely to be friends and family.  I have found the Facebook crowd to be an utter waste of time.  You are more likely to have success with complete strangers and in the end, these reviews are the ones you are looking for … unbiased reviews that aren´t based on anything other than the merit of the book.

  1.  Making your book available for free via an Amazon giveaway gets the book into people´s hands.  You need someone to read it before it can be reviewed.
  2. Review exchanges.  I have been informed that Amazon shuns this practice so I no longer do it this way but it is a good way to get the review ball rolling.  Reach out to another author and offer to review one of their books in exchange for them reviewing yours.
  3. Join an Indie Author group.  I belong to the Rave Review Book Club.  We promote each other´s work and review each other´s books.
  4. Do you have a twitter account?  Reach out to people on twitter who review.
  5. Here is the big one.  This takes a lot of work but pays off in the end.  Find other books that are similar to yours on Amazon.  You will notice below your book details a section that says ¨People who bought this book also bought¨ – These are you target books.   Reach out to people who have done reviews for those books.  Offer a free copy of your book and ask them if they would be so kind as to review your book.  This means clicking on thousands of links to find those reviewers that leave their email address.  Within these readers there are often people that blog book reviews so if they do accept and review your book, you are likely to get a guest spot – review on their blog.  This can only raise your profile and possibly sales for your book.

This was how I got the latest review of my short story collection.


Sarah Jackson’s review Sep 20, 15
4 of 5 stars
Read from September 13 to 19, 2015

It is difficult to classify this book using conventional genre classifications. “Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups & Chili Dogs – True Stories of the Dogs of Mexico: Modern Dog Book” offers a series of fictionalised true stories and news reports, presented in an easy to read, well-written book. It is designed to highlight issues of animal cruelty and the mistreatment of dogs in Mexico. I must admit that I personally get very angry when I hear about acts of animal cruelty, but this book offers hope for a positive future for both dogs and owners. Well worth reading.

Hope that puts you on the path to new reviews.
David Gordon Burke
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