A Long Break from Bloggiing

I don´t think I wrote one blog post last week.  It was as hectic a time as I´ve ever passed in my life.
My adoptive daughter was out of the city in a small town, giving birth and my wife was there helping and keeping her company.
It´s not my nature to play the ´while the cats away, the mice will play´ game and I was well behaved, keeping my own company and only went a bit overboard with a few well deserved beers after work.

So today I am debuting my new, adoptive grand-daughter – Ana Carolina.
Ana Carolina

I think she´s about the most beautiful child ever born (despite the father who I cannot stand)
So I have a new muse.  My next book will be dedicated to her, and to my mother, who she is named after.

So I am back to doing 50% writing and 50% promotion.  The stress of having the family far away and not being able to take care of them is over.

Big things happening lately – a few new projects brewing including a sequel to my Mexican Mutts book.
Will report later in the week.

Have a good one and keep writing, reading and reviewing Indie writers.

David Gordon Burke
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