The Best Pitch

Yesterday I got my best rejection letter.  This was not related to pitching my book to some publishing house or something along those lines.  I was looking for someone to review one of my books.

Now I have a secret weapon for finding people to review.  That secret WILL not be revealed in this post.  However, it seems to me that as writers, our job is to convince people of the reality of our stories.  It´s out job to SELL with words.  I am amazed by the bland promos on Twitter, the boring posts on Facebook, the dull web-sites etc. that writers use to push their stuff.  Just awestruck by how utterly inane their promo.  God knows, if their promo and ads are an indication of their writing, I´m not buying any of it.

So I unleashed my Standard Form letter on an unsuspecting recipient.  This time, and I have done this a few times, it was to a well know personality.  I remember her from the early 70´s.  She had a hit on popular radio ´At 17.´ Her name is Janis Ian.  I found that she often does reviews on Amazon.  There are a few celebs wandering around Amazon giving their opinions  so why not?  An endorsement from someone well know certainly couldn´t hurt.

This is the reply letter I got back.

Hi David, Judy here for Janis.
I’ll make sure Janis sees you very kind email!
Unfortunately, she very very rarely reviews books – or, if you’ve noticed – music. Almost all her reviews are non-entertainment-related. And I know that these days, she has next to no time for reading, as kind as your offer is.
So on her behalf, I’m afraid I’m going to decline.
However, I will tell you that yours is absolutely the best “pitch letter” we’ve ever gotten around here!
All the best
Judy Somers

Ok, so no sucess in getting the review but I did make an impression.  What a boost, the part about THE BEST ´PITCH LETTER´ – that´s what it´s all about.
What kind of promo are you doing?

David Gordon Burke


4 thoughts on “The Best Pitch

    • You know, I must be dim. It has taken me forever to figure out this interface. Sorry.

      I think the rant think can only be part of the strategy. You have to give something back … or pay it forward as the saying goes. Build up a following on every possible Social Media platform and spread the word that you are talking about and helping and networking on these issues. The official term is ‘ Influencer ‘ and if you get there, you will sell books. Lofty goal.
      My aim is to have a few devote fans who like my stuff. Just enough to enhance my retirement package … (Non/existent)

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  1. I was once told I had an excellent story with complex and intriguing characters that could indeed be a best seller. The but was “unfortunately it is not the story for us.” I met the agent at a writer’s conference and complemented her on the fabulous form letter she had someone create.


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