Lobo – A new Review

A new review for my novel LOBO just came in.  WOW!

5 Stars An absorbing novel
By Robert Kruegeron August 4, 2015
In the beginning, we are introduced to the dog fighting pit. Two dogs face each other ready for combat and death. Blood lust infects the crowd, This is one aspect of the story, but only one.

This is the story of a German Shepard, Lobo, and the humans who love him and those who wish to exploit him for money by fighting him. Antonia is a young girl who has bonded with Lobo: mutual love and respect. The other main characters come from poverty, individuals either rising above their circumstances or succumbing to a life of crime.

When Lobo is swept away in a hurricane, his terrible adventure of survival begins. His loss is devastating of Antonia, but she does not give up hope. This is a story of courage, love, innocence, cruelty, human emotion with overtones of religion, and trial and triumph. The reader is exposed to the good and the evil, the weak and the strong; with hauntings of the past that could destroy the future — at times emotionally charged. Both humans and dogs are compelling, tightly drawn, believable characters. Additionally, the author gives a realistic picture of Mexican culture, tradition, and corruption.

I am so PLEASED by this review.  And happy to see that my novel continues to entertain.
After the passage of a bit of time an author starts to doubt whether their work is any good.  This is the world of self publishing.  It´s gratifying to know that someone out there read and enjoyed the book.

David Gordon Burke

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