New Review – New Project

Well August has started out well.  Two sales right out of the gate which is a pleasant change compared to last month.  Plus, a new review of my book ‘A Rose by Any Other Name – Life Lessons from an Unremarkable Dog’

Five Stars – A man and his dogs…
By Terri Berg on July 28, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I borrowed this eBook from Kindle Unlimited. I love this book. It is about a man’s life and the lives of his dogs. I love that someone can love their pets enough to write a book about them. I also loved all the stories I read about each one of them. A dog’s love is unconditional and our love in return should be the same! The author, David Gordon Burke did a fine job writing this memoir to his dogs. Well done.

As it turns out I am in the process of revamping this book into a new dual language edition.  This is a tie-in to my Spanish language tutorial books.  The new edition will be translated into Spanish, specifically for print and will be laid out with one page English, one page Spanish to allow readers to compare the two languages.  These kinds of books were a great help to me when I was learning Spanish.  Good for Gringos learning Spanish and Latinos learning English.

Here’s the new cover.

I’ll also be able to release the translation of ‘Rose’ in Spanish in Ebook format and print.

I am also working on three other projects, 2 tutorials – Ingles al Poder de Tres Volumen II and Passport to Spanish, and a novella.

So keeping busy.  Between writing and marketing, there’s not enough hours in a day.

David Gordon Burke
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