More Platform Building & Twitter Tips

To continue the tutorial from the other day, there are a few other tools out there  to help you with your twitter account.  I use an android app called ´Unfollowers´ – this lets me purge my account of people who are not following back.  Since your ability to follow new users (People who potentially WILL follow you back) is linked to the ratio of people following vs. those you follow, it is in your best interest to get rid of dead weight.  Remember, use all these tools in moderation because your account can get suspended or shut down if you are thought to be churning.  This of course is the LIE of twitter.  They claim the aim of the site is NOT to accumulate followers.  What a crock!

Another tool which I mentioned is Tweepi.  You really need to dig deep into this site to take full advantage.  There wyou will find a well documented analysis of your twitter habits within the tabs.  Followers / Following / Not following back / People you don´t follow back etc.

For the people you don´t follow back, this could be a short sight on your part or you were blocked from following when you clicked on their names but it didn´t register etc. etc.  I regularly go through these users to find people that might help my cause. The criteria for following them is simple:
They have a massive following.
They retweet regularly.
Their page is in a language I understand or of my target market.

I got swamped by followers from the Middle East and Turkey.  No idea why they followed me – it must be they know something of the inner workings of twitter that I don´t know.  For a time my follower number went sky-high.  Looked really good but how is that helping me if I follow them back?  I did follow them back only to purge them a month later.  Now, if I get followed by someone who is obviously working the system, I just ignore them – no followback.

The next stage in my twitter platform is going to be ´friending´ these users with a MASSIVE following.  So I will begin to retweet some of their tweets in the hope of getting noticed.  This has worked for me on a few occassions.  One of my recent tweets went out to over 100,000 people in just seconds thanks to just three retweets.  Imagine that on the scale of 100 retweets – that is what I´m looking for from my twitter platform.
images (3)

Next on my promo agenda is to learn how to set up Email marketing.  Not a bloody clue how to do it, what it is etc. but apparently it is still the no. 1 promotional tool.  Will report once I figure it out.

Oh, and on a bright note, the month of July, which has been brutally slow in books sales, just provided me with three more sales.  I guess I´ll take what I can get this month.

David Gordon Burke
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