Sales Down – Reviews Up

So sales this month have been disasterous.  Quite a let down after last months record sales.  But I have to look on the bright side which is that new reviews have been slowly coming in.  I got two new reviews in the last few days.

A Rose by Any Other Name – Life Lessons from an Unremarkable Dog
This is a great story about a boy and his dogs, from childhood through adulthood.

Burke is careful to keep the relationship real with his best friend and companion throughout his life and writes with a great depth of caring for his animals noting that our role in their lives is that of *caregiver*. The first thing that grabbed me was a quote he used in the beginning *Dogs are miracles with paws*. Truer words were never spoken.

The author’s style of writing is clear and concise and it leaves the reader with an incredible vision in their mind’s eye. The fact that he includes photos here and there makes it even more special, and in the end, you feel like you know him, his family and his animal companions.

I was impressed that Burke’s Dad demanded responsibility from his son making sure that the yard was always clean and that *poop patrol* was always an ongoing activity.

Burke eventually marries and moves to Mexico and his stories of street dogs there is enough to break even the coldest heart. As an advocate for these animals he shares a plea and a link to film documentary in an effort to stop the overpopulation of Mexican street dogs.

The book is available for Kindle and also in paperback. It is a fun read for animal lovers and those who enjoy great true stories!

Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs – True Stories of the Dogs of Mexico


This is a very interesting and unusual read, mixing short stories with newspaper reports highlighting the mistreatment of dogs in Mexico. The mixture works well and the author entertains the reader while also making important points about the plight of man’s best friend. I don’t believe you have to be a dog lover to enjoy the quality writing but I guess if you are like me a dog owner, then there is an added appeal to the book.
The short stories are quite varied although always having a canine connection. There is a great story about a father bringing up his two children and the family dog that causes havoc in the house. There is a more serious crime story involving police friends and even a story about a dog kidnapped for ransom.
All in all, a thoroughly entertaining read!

I guess I´ll have to enjoy the kudos here.  Overall the message is clear – I can write and need to keep at it.

David Gordon Burke
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