A Big Decision

I am in the process of looking into the other distribution channels for Ebooks.  The recent changes at Amazon has had a negative impact on sales – this after working like a mad-man for the last couple of months to get my sales up to the level they obtained in June which was one sale or borrow per day.  My best month ever and then the new Amazon rules have made all that work for nothing.  I´m more than a little burned.

So I have been checking out the other distributers.  Smashwords, KOBO, Barnes and Noble, Apple etc.
descarga (1)

In the meantime I am putting the finishing touches on a bunch of projects and launching a new book – this a fiction piece that will probably turn out to be a novella.

I have been throwing around names.  It´s the story of a Dog what wanders the neighborhood, interacting with people and listening to their stories.  A classic hero dog story.

My first working title was ´Conversations with Sammi – A week in a Stray Dog´s life´ which is pretty descriptive and indicative of the story and which works in a few Amazon key words.  Tricky.

But the title didn´t POP.

I am messing around with a few new ideas.

There´s Something about Sammi the Stray
A week in a Dog´s Life


Something about Sammi the Stray
A week in a Dog´s Life.

I hope one of those titles combined with a cool cover much like the Mexican Mutts cover will be a step towards building a recognizable brand.

Also giving some thought to my first sequel.  More Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs.

All the while I am trying to find a new genre that I can move into.  I have the novella fairly well outlined.  Am working on a crime novel and a Horse story as well.

So that´s all that´s happening.  That and a massive amount of time spent tweeting and promoting etc.

Back at you when there is more to report.

David Gordon Burke
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