Just Not Getting it Done

It appears that the evil demon of ´Writer´s Block´ has struck me in the worst way.
If I had to hazard a guess as to what is holding me back, I´d say it´s a combination of things.
1.  Disillusionment.  I´m more than happy with the books I have written to date but with the new policies that Amazon has implimented it is more likely than not that I´m going to have to do a whole lot more work to get my stuff into  the public eye.  I have been dedicating about 5 hours a day to promotion for the last month.  I had just gotten to the point where I had one sale or borrow through the KU/KOLL system and now?  Looks like that is a thing of the past.  So I am going to have to rethink my strategies again.  Marketing is a hated necessity.  I despise it with every fiber of my soul.  I´d rather shoot my laptop than spend time tweeting etc. but It has become my principal activity.

2.  I have 3 ideas for novels but none of them are taking off.  The first is a Horse story and I have deliberately put that on the back-burner since it is a very ambitious and exciting project.  I want to wait until I have a bit more experience before tackling it.  Also, a ton of research is required so ….. on pause for now.  I have a crime story that is gelling in the back of my mind and a current WIP.  My problem with the current project is a name.  My last book got extremely good visibility based almost completely on the name – ´Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups + Chili Dogs´ I want to recapture that magic again.

3.  A few of my other projects are non-writing and more technical – A translation of one novel to Spanish and a few more tutorials.  These are my focus while I get the obstacles out of my way and get back to writing fiction.

Hopefully, I will be able to announce a new title and a word-count within the next week or so.  I am gunned to get this one down since I think it will be a cool story.  Falling back on old habits, it´s another dog story.  This time a novella.  The lighter side, no hidden message about the state of dogs in the world etc. etc. as I have written in the past.  Just an old fashioned hero dog tale.


Back at you when I have something to report.

David Gordon Burke
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