No New is Bad News

The old adage ´No news is good news´ definitely does not apply to the world of writing and self publishing.  Every day is a chance to succeed or fail – to sell a book or see your sales plummet.  So while I am sounding the trumpets for one of my best months ever, I am still spinning my wheels in other areas – principally in writing.

This month has seen a lot of movement possibly due to the freebee book specials of May / Early June.  The tally to today is:
12 Sales
8 KU/KOLL borrows
25 free downloads
2 Print editions

This compared to last month which was too pitiful to mention.
I´m hoping next month will see yet another spike in sales.  I am going to try to do one of these freebees per month in the hope of achieving my aim of ONE book sale or borrow per day.  Not an outrageous first goal.

As of Tuesday, June 30th, my book Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups + Chili Dogs – True Stories of the Dogs of Mexico will be available FREE for 5 days (Until July 5th)


I´ve done a ton of promotion with some ´free promo blogs´ and have my tweets ready to go.
Now if I could just get back to writing so I would have something new to offer.  I am working on a novella that at the moment is stalled.  After finishing this post and a few other chores I plan to get down to brass tacks and have it back on track by the end of the day.  My goal is about 40,000 words.  A quick book which I plan to sell in the $1.99 range.  It´s another about dogs … The tentative title is ¨Conversations with Sammi – A Week in a Stray Dog´s Life¨ and has to do with a stray dog and his daily migration around his neighborhood, the people he meets and their lives, problems etc.  Sammi is a hero.  It will be in part a character study of Sammi´s friends and in part a light hearted adventure.  How will these people get their lives back on track and where does Sammi the Dog come in or help in the proccess.  A typical ´Hero Dog´ story.

So make sure to check out Mexican Mutts starting Tuesday.
Just a note – I am about to run a new contest so watch here for details.  To win you need to dowload a book so get one now.

David Gordon Burke
Get my Books here.


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