Author Spotlight

Hello All,

Here is something new that I have yet to try.  Author Spotlight.
Today I will be using this space to tell you about a friend of mine – Author Bill Ward.
Please make him feel at home and please check out his books.
20130307_185738 Bill

Bill Ward is a 61 year old from Brighton, UK who retired from a career in the IT world. He then decided that the time was ripe for fulfilling a life long dream of being a writer.

Bill had a false start in his thirties in which he came close to landing a publishing deal but a career, 7 daughters, 1 son and a household derailed his dream. Two years ago he decided to retire early to concentrate on writing.

Bill turned to the world of thrillers. He says of his first novel ´Revenge.´

¨I grew up during the Irish troubles when the IRA were bombing London and Birmingham. I have vivid memories of those times and it was difficult to imagine then there would ever be the peaceful times we have today so it just seemed perfect material for a thriller.¨

Bill´s second book is called ‘Encryption’ and is a cyber thriller. This book was inspired in part by Bill´s career in the software industry and in part by the times we live in. His third, soon to be released novel is called ‘Trafficking.’ As you can see he likes strong, single word titles.

As you can also see, Bill likes strong images for the covers of his books. Some of the best I have ever seen.
Trafficking_amazon FB

Other than writing, Bill is a mentor to many other Indie Writers.

¨As an Indie author I have been determined to support other Indie writers and I’ve found some great writers but too many to pick out any individual. Based on what I’ve read so far of I am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes goes very high on my favourites list after just one book.¨

Bill is a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club which gives support for Indie authors.

You can find Bill’s books here at Amazon.

Here is Bill’s Goodreads Blog.

Check out Rave Reviews Book Club – Tell em Dave and Bill sent ya.

So there we have the first Author Spotlight.  Others who wish to get into the spotlight can get in touch with me via  Have a great weekend.

David Gordon Burke
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