Archive Post – TV / Movie Recommendations – Looking for Inspiration

I have a ton of ideas floating in my head for projects – a little further down the road.

Here are some of the great TV programs and Movies I have been watching lately.  I tend to shy away from taking anything from Hollywood but these are possibly the exceptions.  A few of them are foreign films.

NYPD Blue – Sadly I only have seasons 2 and 3 on DVD.  This is / was about the best Cop drama ever.  Who can forget Detective Sipowitz?  The dialogue was superb and in my humble opinion (and that of so many learned TV reviewers, this show changed the way we watch Television)

Bordertown – I’m the last person that would ever claim any great respect for JLO (sic) but I have to admit that this film really moved me.  Stark and as realistic as any about Mexico I have seen.

Amores Perros – This movie was an influence on my novel ‘LOBO’ but it is so much more than a movie about dogfighting.  I recommend it fully.  One of the best Mexican films of all times.  Great tunes too.

Blood in Blood out – This was also an influence on my novel ‘LOBO’ – I may in the future revisit the theme of gangs and crime in Mexico.

El Mariachi Trilogy – OK, aside from the first film which was a classic, this is a guilty, pathetic pleasure.  I love these films.  (OK, I can barely tolerate Johnny Depp in the last one but….)  I actually learned Spanish on the first film.

War Horse – Seabuiscut – Black Stallion etc. – Three great horse movies.  I’m on a horse kick right now in preparation for writing a horse story of my own.  I won’t really get started on that project for at least 3 or 4 months so right now it’s time to over saturate my mind with horse imagery and information.

There’s a ton of other things I’m reading and watching.  Hopefully, God will allow me the time to get it all done.

On another note I got a direct email from a reader who mentioned the following about my book LOBO.  I have to say that if I’m not making a big pile of cash from Ebook sales, the respect of a few readers is (almost…why can’t I have it all) as good:

Hi David,
I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your novel Lobo.  It is such an original voice & literary structure–so challenging w/ all the perspectives and all that, it was a very memorable book.  You’re a legit talent.  My only feedback is the way it’s presented, w/ the cover & synopsis, led me to believe it would be from dog’s point of view like Call of the Wild or White Fang, or that it would be straight sentimental like Where the Red Fern Grows–nothing’s wrong w/ any of those–that’s just not what this is.  Lobo is more Literary fiction w/ these interwoven perspectives & stories.  It’s sort of about the dog but not really?  Nice work.
Susan Dalton – Seatle, Washington

So there it is.  Have a great day.

David Gordon Burke
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