Archive Post – Classic vs. Pulp Fiction

I´m in a bit of a bind.  I realize that according to modern trends and every ´How to´ book on writing a bestseller, my novel LOBO is flawed.  I imagine the two factors that led to that determination are that a. I read a lot of classic literature and b. I don´t really care much for the modern pulp fiction, paperback bestseller style of writing.

Without being really nasty and naming names, there are a ton of million selling writers out there that aren´t even trying to write anything other than popcorn, forgetable tripe novels.  There are even some writers whose name on a book is less an indication of who wrote the book and more of a brand name.  They come up with a plot, plan it out and then pass the story off to one of their staff writers.  $500 million in sales per year and they don´t really write.  They are office managers.

My ambition is to someday write something along the lines of ´The Life of Pi´  by Yann Martel.  I believe the correct category for that novel would be Literary Fiction – defined as a work of fiction with literary value.

A lot of writers in that particular genre write some beautiful prose – sadly their stories tend to suck.  No action, no interest, no endearing characters, nothing to care about.  At least in my humble opinion.  I´ve read some that had no redeeming qualities other than their poetic prose.

Kanye West:

“Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books.”

Ok, so the guy is an enormous dork but I know exactly where he is coming from.  I however strive to read as many of the non-wordy novels that exist while I am above ground.  And if I ever achieve that elusive balance between economic and poetic prose combined with a story that rocks…..well that´s the goal, isn´t it?

One thing for certain, all the ´How to´ books out there can´t do much more than guide you – they are not a perfect formula for writing.  In the end, I will be the one to decide how to write my novels.  Hopefully I´ll find the balance between Funky pulp fiction and Classics.

Even with its flaws, I still believe that my novel LOBO is an original (or if not original, at least a unique, rarely used) approach to telling a story.  For a first novel, I´m proud of it.  Flawed or not.

David Gordon Burke
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