Archive Post – Book and Film Recommendations

Hey Folks, this is a combination of a bunch of posts from David Gordon Burke & D.D.R. Productions, my previous blog.  Archive material.

Once in a while I like to get away from my own little world and talk about those oh,  so, rare books and movies and even CDs  that I have enjoyed recently that are inspirational.  Yesterday I saw this film which was a revelation.

I’m all about anything that exposes the corruption and nonsense of life in Mexico.  It is what it is.  There is more truth in this film’s 2 hours than I have seen in years.

Another awesome flic.

Derbez has done 2 movies along these lines – La Misma Luna and Instructions not included.  Neither one is half the movie this is.  The illegal experience in the USA.

Life in Mexico city.  The crime, corruption and conspiracy.  Awesome.

And my book recommendation.  For the aspiring writer or anyone who wants to write correctly.

Let’s get into novels.
Here’s my top five.
1.  The Count of Monte Cristo

2.  The Border Trilogy

3.  Lonesome Dove

4.  The Stand

It is a complete coincidence that more than half of these BEST OF books are in the Western Genre.  It just happens that my favorite writers tend toward that style.  And YES, I am cheating since between The Border Trilogy and The Lonesome Dove series of book there are SEVEN books so go figure.
Along with The Count of Monte Cristo I would have to add ANYTHING by Dumas including the Three Musketeers and that series.
The Stand by Stephen King.  Not my favorite writer but The Stand may be his best piece of work.

The Worst 5.
The Davinci Code, Angels and Demons and Infierno by Dan Brown
Anything by James Patterson
The Shimmer by David Morrell – One of my  favorite writers – his  worst.

1.  If you don’t know Steve, you haven’t lived.  Here, his first post prison release.  AWESOME.  Tie this one in first place with Steve’s Copperhead Road or his tribute to Townes Van Zandt –  Townes.  All essencial albums.

2.  Dreamboat Annie / Little Queen – Heart.  Either one of these ‘Classic Rock 70s Masterpieces’

3.  Physical Graffitti – Led Zep (or anything else by the greatest Rock band ever)

4.  DJ play my Blues – Buddy Guy

David Gordon Burke
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