A Sneak Peak – What I Wrote Yesterday

So I have been working on a project called – A Horse Named INDIO.  This is the novel that refuses to write itself.  In all honesty it is kicking my butt.  But I am convinced this is the novel that is going to be my BIG novel.  While I have a couple of other projects that are slowly moving into the forefront as far as current WIPs, this one is very, very slowly gelling in my mind and on paper.

In a previous post I wrote about my writing process.  I use mind map to lay out all the characters and chapters and scenes etc. and then transfer that information to a word document before I begin the process of writing.  Did all that and still ended up at a dead end.

Then it came to me that there was a deeper story wanting to be told so I am starting over.  The new version – this will be version III will be heavily influenced by a classic.  I mean BIG TIME CLASSIC.  Not Black Beauty or some other horse novel.

So I am reading and rereading this book that is to be the shadow source for for this pastiche / homage.  And I realized that I needed to begin the entire thing with a poem.  The poem works as a prologue to the prologue of the story and will lay out what some of the themes are and some of the coming events in the story.  It is the only and most obvious hint as to what the source material is.  After that, if a reader hasn’t gathered the idea, it will be a matter of drawing parallels between the stories.

So I will post that poem now.  Can you figure it out?

Across the field does blow the wind and rain
Setting of stage and scene for fate’s ingress
Between two worlds beset with doubt and pain
Where blood and love and sweat defy excess
Corrupt desire brings forth the fall of man
Sins of the father lain upon the child
Schemes of fortune unbroken once began
Threaten treason and trust wholly defiled
Upon a roan’s back chance defeats disgrace
First love shall not fade though they block the sun
Invest wise bettor on the dark horse race
Reward to he who trusts a steady hooves’ run
Unsung heroes settle scores under a night sky
Whereas shame and defeat means a villain dies

That’s it.  Hope you like it.  Hope I got it right.

David Gordon Burke

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