Arcive Post – The Golden Link

Here´s a bit of Amazon folklore.  I have yet to prove that this will work but of course, others have sworn by the method so I am not about to NOT give it a try.

One of the most important issues after picking a name for your book (more on that later) is to have an idea what your keywords should be.  I´ve talked about this before … look in previous posts if you aren´t with me so far.

If you have:
Keywords in your title (easier done for non-fiction than for fiction but sadly, a bit of creativity may need to be sacrificed here for the sake of your Amazon ranking)
7 Keywords used correctly in the keywords field.
Keywords in your book description.

Ok, you are ready to give this a go.
Go to Amazon.

In the search area, type in your number one keyword – this is the baby you are hoping will be the money-shot.
Add ONE space.
After the one space, copy and paste in the book´s ASIN number.
My particular search looked like this:
dog ficion B00V3Y6NGC

Hit enter and you should get a page with your book and maybe a few other.  Copy the URL of THAT page.

Now disseminate that link all over the web.  Wherever you can leave that link, do it.  How this works is beyond me but apparently, this process will help your book ranking.  It´s all chinese to me but if it works, it works.

Good luck with that.

David Gordon Burke
Find my books here!


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