Archived Post – An Invitation to Writers and Bloggers

Here’s a novel idea (no pun intended) If you are a writer who self publishes or just a blogger who is looking to get new followers, let’s get together to spread the word.

I invite you to get in contact with me.  My email is  Send me your blog URL and I´ll take a look at it.  If we are at all compatible, let´s do a blog exchange.  My only requirement is that your books are not of the XXX nature – (Sexy Romance novels are ok – Porn, FORGET IT!)

I would expect you to write on any topic you like (preferably about your experience as a writer, some useful info for the readers etc.)  You can also include links and graphics for your books and your author page at Amazon.  I will do the same.

Any takers.

I also invite any blogger out there that would like to exchange blogs to get in touch.  If it is at all relevant to the arts, entertainment, political or whatever world and might be of interest to my readers, you are welcome to pitch your idea.

Thank you, I look forward to colaborating with you.

David Gordon Burke
You can find my books here via Amazon!
Don´t forget, there are KDP countdown deals in effect right now.


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