Archive Post – Off to a Slow Start

Writing my first novel ´LOBO´ I jumped in with both feet.  I probably whipped off 5 complete chapters in 5 days.  And aside from the intrinsic flaws, they were pretty damn good chapters.

So now that I have started to write my newest novel project – well, wow.  I guess the more you know, the harder it gets.  Apparently, James Joyce would call it a good day if he got 12 words down.  Sheesh.

I jumped into chapter 1 and it just didn´t want to come.  So after 3 paragraphs I decided to jump ahead and just get a opener for as many chapters as I could.  This is one benefit of planning a novel before starting.

I can see it is going to be a long road.  Luckily, I believe in the story and also can see there might be more of a market for a story that includes – horses, a teenage girl, some romance, a scandal, a nasty villainess,  class struggle, political struggle and finally a horse race.

So while I am getting started, I am going back and re-reading some of my fave books on the subject of writing fiction.

This was the first book I read on the art of writing fiction.  A lot of great advice.  I am planning to read the sequel plus the his other called ´The Key´ – How to write a damn good novel using the power of the Myth.

Almost every wannabe writer has read this one.  It has some good advice but …… well Mr. King may be prolific but some of the advice here is a bit lame.  I do not agree with his assessment that every adverb must go.  Still, a good read for a beginner.

Believe it or not, a lot of good ideas here.

This one breaks down the norms by genres.  It also gives a lot of general info that is helpful.

This one I found essential.  Media Res.

Killer book.  Really, a writer´s bible.

So those and a few others are on my kindle.  Time to get busy.

David Gordon Burke
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