Archive Post – Meritocracy vs. Social Media and Ebook Promotions

Sadly, the days of being successful based soley on the merit of your work are finished.

So what is a Meritocracy.

Meritocracy is a philosophy in which you get out of the system what you put into it. Getting ahead is ostensibly based on individual merit, which is generally viewed as a combination of factors including innate abilities, working hard, having the right attitude, and having high moral character and integrity. Many people not only tend to think that is how the system should work, but most also think that is how the system does work

Human nature tends to look for any possible short-cut to that ideology.  Is there a way in which I can skip steps b through y and go directly from A to Z?

Social media gives the illusion that one is taking a short-cut.  Instead of being awarded high visibility via recognition and media attention, one can now get into the public eye by cultivating a huge number or Twitter followers or Facebook friends.  Even to the point where there are services to buy followers.  This sadly is a pile of manure.  The so-called followers one can buy are not going to be interested in your product or service.  The life of a tweet is aproximately 15 to 30 seconds.  The chances that any one of you followers would read any given tweet and / or be interested in your product or service is almost nil.

So within the ebook world of self-publishing authors there emerges a whole new range of  people who promise to promote your work.  For a fee they make all kinds of claims as to how many followers they have and how many hits per day their site gets etc. etc. and one is likely to eventually sign-up.

Sadly, in many cases one would have to forsake any kind of ethics in favor of some semblance of success.
I for one will not blog, post, promote, tweet or in any other manner give my personal seal of approval to any book I have not read, any service I have not personally used and gotten a good value for my dollar from and I will not tweet any kind of lie or misrepresentation for the sake of being a YES MAN and falling into good graces with people who can help promote my work.

This is a Catch 22 because as we are all aware of, it takes other people to acheive success.  One cannot be an island unto himself if he wishes to also be a bestselling author.   (not really my goal but it´s an example …. I´d be happy too be regularly read and to make enough to put a steak in the fridge once in a while)

To date I have read hundreds of INDIE author works.  They have ranged between dreadful to average to really good with a few flaws (I´d think my work falls into this category) to excellent.

What is selling on Amazon is most often the dreadful and average.  Occassionally the really good with some flaws gets noticed but rarely is the excellent work selling.

Case in point.
The finest book by an Indie writer I have read is

Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories by Richard Bunning.  While the subject matter and format may not be the most commercial …. it certainly deserves better than its current ranking at #1,490,564 Paid in Kindle Store. 

Apparently, my work is falling down the same bottomless pit of the Amazon world.  Damn, I can hardly give it away, free or $0.99 countdown deals barely make a dent.

The solution?  Apparently I need to increase my twitter followers to one-million, get into bed with people that will lie about my work although they have never read it so that I will lie about their work which I also have never read and then we will all reap the benefits.

Isn´t that just a scaled down version of what George W. Bush and his minions did in the various economic crashes which they are purported to have orchestrated?

Maybe I´ll just write PORN!

David Gordon Burke
Find my books here at Amazon!


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