A New Beginning – A New Review

To commemorate the beginning of this blog … the first review of my short story collection.

Here is the Review of Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs – True Stories of the Dogs of Mexico.  
‘I am of a breed that is well known all around the world and is as Mexican as Tacos and Tequila. I am a Chihuahua.’

Author David Gordon Burke is a Canadian Ex-Pat who lives in Mexico and has focused his skilled writing abilities on dogs: he obviously is passionate about canines. Not that that is his only concern. He also writes tutorials on any subject in which he has expertise. Ingles al Poder de Tres is an ongoing language system for Spanish speakers who wish to master English. And his culinary arts are due to surface in his next book about Mexican cookery.What David manages to accomplish in this collection of short stories and news reports about the condition of the life of dogs in Mexico. The old saying that truth is stranger than fiction holds true in this collection of stories that will have you howling with laughter at one point and choking back emotion at another. He manages to place the spotlight on the vagaries of dogs’ lives in Mexico. But to clarify the ‘true’ adjective, David writes, ‘For those of you who got the impression that this book was going to be a collection of true stories presented in a non-fiction format, my apologies. While all the stories and newspaper articles contained within represent events that really did happen, some well documented by the press, I have taken many liberties with the narrative in order to keep these tales entertaining. Call it ‘fictionalization’ if you wish. It will be up to you to decide which parts of the stories you believe and which parts, if any, you consider fabrications…by the time you finish reading this collection you will come to the obvious conclusion that these kinds of events related to our canine companions happen every day.’

David is an animal activist and struggles with animal rights and protection in a country scarred with crime, corruption, drug cartels as those crimes obviously affect animals as well as humans. And after quoting the media facts, David moves into his stories and his writing is infectious. He ranges from his own experiences to ‘curious incidents of the dog in the night’ type tales, to hilarious canine behavior patterns, to the sadder stories of abused dogs. ‘Life in Prison’ shares the story of a Chihuahua named Mickey and told in the voice of the dog. Fine writing, here, but all the stories are excellent. This little sampler encourages the reader to advance to David’s two novels – again about dogs. He is making a name for canine stories and those who love them. Grady Harp, June 15

Sadly, Amazon has yet to make the review available to all when they look up the book.  I will have to be patient but after working so hard to get the book up, the least they could do is post reviews quickly.David Gordon Burke
Link to my Books on Amazon.   


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